Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3: Plot Analysis, Speculations & Predictions (Ep 1-2)

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3: Plot Analysis, Speculations & Predictions (Episode 1 – 2)

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If you are fan of the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero, then you might want to know and understand more about in-depth plot analysis & speculations. Since the season 3 of the anime is still currently airing until episode 2, new analysis posts will be published regularly until the end of season 3. So, let’s get into it.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3: Plot Analysis, Speculations, Predictions

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 still follows the adventures of Naofumi Iwatani, a young man who is summoned to another world as one of the four legendary heroes, the Shield Hero. Along with his companions, RaphtaliaFilo, and Rishia, they must protect the world from the Waves of Catastrophe and the schemes of his enemies.

In this post, we will analyze the plot of season 3 (until episode 2 so far), as well as sharing my thoughts and predictions on what will happen next. Please note that this post contains (many) spoilers. So read at your own risk (unless you already watched all released episodes).

Also be reminded that the analysis I did was only based on the anime version, I did not compare it with the light novel version or any other versions where the story timeline is even very far away from the current released anime. So it is certain that there will be no mixing or comparison between the anime version and other versions. Only the anime version is explained here. So, let’s get started.

Season 3 Starting Point

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 3 Starting Point

For those of you who haven’t started watching season 3, you should refresh your memory on some of the important details that happened in the past seasons:
5 MUST Know Things Before You Watch The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3.

Season 3 begins not long after Naofumi’s Party succeeded in defeating the strong Guardian Beast The Spirit Tortoise and Kyo Ethinna at the end of season 2. There are still many unexpected problems and important missions that must be carried out by Naofumi and his comrades in season 3.

Among them are finding 3 legendary cardinal heroes who disappeared without a trace, preparation for the next Wave of Catastrophe, preparation for the epic battle with the next Guardian Beast, The Phoenix, and also fighting in the Underground Colosseum to get a lot of money to free many half-human races from Lurolona Village who were kidnapped and sold as slaves at high prices.

Sacrificial Aura Curse

At the beginning of season 3, Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo were (still) affected by the curse of the Sacrificial Aura skill released by Kyo Ethinna when fighting with him in season 2. Kyo’s Sacrificial Aura limits their HP (Health Points), MP (Mana Points) and SP (Skill Points) to around 75% of their maximum usable limits.

Even though other parameters such as Strength, Defense, etc, are not stated whether they are affected by Sacrificial Aura or not, HP, MP and SP that cannot be used to the maximum limit can have a high negative impact if they face a long battle and they can run out MP and SP quickly.

But usually a curse like this can end in 2 ways:

  1. The curse has a time limit so that it will automatically be lifted and those affected by the curse can be free from it in time.

  2. The curse can only be lifted and restored with certain Magic / Items / Potions which may be obtained later, either in the Underground Colosseum or when in fight againts the next Wave of Catastrophe.

We’ll see later how the Sacrificial Aura curse on Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo can be lifted and recovered. But it is also possible that until the end of season 3, this curse cannot be recovered and may have a greater effect as time goes by, for example, now it is limited to only 75%, then the restriction number could be greater to 50% in a few weeks or months.

Underground Illegal Slaves Auction

The slave trader who previously sold Raphtalia to Naofumi said that the price of half-human race slaves from Lurolona Village is now expensive. Raphtalia was bought by Naofumi for 30 silver coins, but now 1 slave can cost 30 gold coins. It has increased 100 times. The reason prices are rising unreasonably high is purely business, he said.

Popular = High Demand = Business

From the past until now, this saying is still very valid, 1000% valid. Anything or anyone who is famous and popular and known to the wider community has a big chance of being turned into a business with high profits. No seller or businessman wants to sell something that is unknown or not popular, at a high price. Naofumi as the Shield Hero, is now famous for overcoming various Waves of Catastrophe, Guardian Beasts and strong opponents, has saved the country and now he is the ruler of Lurolona Village. So whatever is produced from there, it can definitely be sold at a high price, including slaves.

Stopping Half-Human Slavery Business

Naofumi doesn’t like and wants to stop the slavery of half-human races, but he can’t just go against the laws and state systems that still allow the slave trading, especially slaves of half-human races. Naofumi thought, maybe he could start by freeing many of the slaves from Lurolona Village by buying them, then sending them all home.

Naofumi has a simple mind, is stubborn, has quite high principles and does not want to take advantage of his Hero status by asking for help from other people such as Queen Melromarc and the Leaders from other kingdoms to stop the slavery of the half-human race. If he did that, Naofumi could actually threaten that he won’t help with the next Wave of Catastrophe and don’t want to fight Phoenix, if the Queen and the leaders of other kingdoms don’t agree with him.

Naofumi did threaten in this way in season 1, but that was also because of the other 3 arrogant cardinal heroes who still didn’t consider Naofumi to be their equal, and they themselves were difficult to work with in overcoming the Wave of Catastrophe.

Underground Colosseum

Underground Colosseum which is held late at night, it is almost certain (if not all) that all kinds of laws and regulations do not apply here. Participants are declared defeated if they are unable to continue the fight, faint or die (not yet sure whether killing is permitted or prohibited here). Participants will earn a lot of money if they win by risking their honor, money and lives.

Any (dirty & cunning) method is allowed to win

Using magic, traps, deception, tricking, backstabbing, and various other dirty methods are allowed to win. Spectators and VIPs who bet on one of the participants/teams definitely want their champion to win, no matter what (dirty and cunning) way they win. Because there is big money, anything is permitted. But maybe this is also an opportunity for Naofumi to win easily, if he becomes a participant and if everything goes smoothly… If it could be that easy…

Naofumi, who is interested in taking part in the Underground Colosseum to get a large prize money to free many half-human race slaves, invites Raphtalia and Filo to take part and register as participants in a team of 3 people..

Underground Colosseum – First & Second Rounds

Naofumi team win easily? Yes, of course, it’s only the first rounds and they hasn’t met a strong opponent yet. But apparently Naofumi has a strategy: pretending to be weak from the first round, in order to get more money.

Why Pretending To Be Weak?

In a crowd with many people, whatever the situation, the majority of people tend to act collectively with the principle of togetherness without realizing it. That is, when some people dare to shout loudly, “He is weak, he will definitely lose!” and if you look at it with your eyes you confirmed that he “looks” weak, many people will immediately believe it. Humans usually judge people by their appearance and how they look if they don’t know them. This is natural.

So what does the strategy of pretending to be weak have to do with getting more money? This is what’s interesting. In gambling at the Underground Colosseum, if you want to bet your money on one of the participants and you want to win, which participant will you choose? If you don’t know which participant is stronger and which is weaker (because you don’t know them or have never seen them), you will certainly be hesitant to risk your money, because you are not sure of winning.

But what if you are sure which participant will win? And if many people there “already believed” which participant would win and bet their money on him, would you still have doubts? If more and more people believed and betting their money on that participant, would you still doubt it? If more people believe who will win, the total amount of money given as bets will increase and become more abundant. The winning participant will receive the abundant betting money… 🙂

So what does this mean is, that the audience will bet more on Naofumi’s opponent because they looks strong and is more likely to win? Yup, that’s right.. 🙂

That is the reason why Naofumi’s team’s strategy of pretending to be weak can lead them to get more prize money.

Illusion Magic Makes It Perfect

Naofumi’s Illusion Magic which hypnotizes the audience makes their strategy of pretending to be weak perfect. They appear to be having difficulty fighting their opponents and the battle looks fierce and balanced. This illusion magic also covers Naofumi’s Hero Shield which cannot be removed by making Naofumi look like he is using a standard sword and shield.

Underground Colosseum – Final Round – Nadia

Illusion magic was only used against opponents much weaker than them. When facing a strong opponent (Nadia) in the final round (round 3), the Naofumi team chose to fight with full power from the start. Certainly, illusion magic will not be used. Spectators watched the final round of the fight in the Colosseum arena in real time.

Plot Twist & Analysis in the Final Round

Nadia, who is also called Sadeena by Raphtalia, is Raphtalia’s senior sister. A surprising thing in the middle of the final round battle. Luckily Nadia was able to stop her deadly attack on Raphtalia in time. If not, Raphtalia might suffer enormous damage, and could be almost die. Naofumi shouted that if Raphtalia was hit by Nadia’s attack at that time, it could be fatal.

Do you still remember what I explained previously about the Sacrificial Aura Curse? Assume that Raphtalia’s current maximum HP = 100, after being hit by Sacrificial Aura, HP becomes 75. Assume that Nadia’s deadly attack has damage = 75. Raphtalia can die instantly if she receives the attack. It would be a different story if Raphtalia wasn’t hit by the Sacrificial Aura curse. He can still survive with HP between 15-25, and by drinking HP potion, her HP can be recovered.

If Nadia and Raphtalia don’t know each other and Nadia fights with full power..

If Naofumi, Raphtalia and Firo are not affected by the Sacrificial Aura curse, they have a big chance of winning against Nadia, even though the fight could take a long time and be tough. However, with the curse of the Sacrificial Aura, there is little chance that Naofumi and the team can win this final round if Nadia uses her full power. Moreover, the arena floor can be transformed into a ocean environment which is a place that can multiply Nadia’s strength.

I did felt hopeless that the Naofumi team could lose if Raphtalia didn’t know Nadia (as Sadeena), and Nadia, who turned out to be a half-whale race, also supported Naofumi in freeing the half-human race slaves who were sold at a high price. So, she pretended to lose and let Naofumi wins.

In my opinion, Nadia has greater power than many of the heroes that Naofumi has ever met (both good and evil ones like Kyo).

Underground Colosseum – Extra Final Round – Killer Clown

Killer Clown is most likely a hero from another world (like the world of Kizuna and L’Arg Berg). When the Wave of Catastrophe occurs, she must have a task, either to stop the wave of monsters and their the boss like Naofumi and the other 3 Cardinal Heroes doing right now, or he has to kill heroes from another world like L’Arg Berg’s task, or there might be another task. If there are indeed many other worlds with their own heroes, the existence of Killer Clown makes sense, plus she also talks about heroes and powers not being enough.

Killer Clown doesn’t fight seriously here and is still observing the strength of Naofumi and the team. He chose to walk out after using the scape doll skill (a substitute doll for himself) to receive Raphtalia’s deadly attack. We can see a little of Killer Clown’s unique and troublesome powers. If she also fought with full power, then it is very likely that Naofumi and his team (with Nadia) could lose.

Killer Clown uses Web String (called Spider Net) to attack and to control his puppets. It’s possible that she can also control Raphtalia and Filo’s bodies with that skill to attack Naofumi and Nadia. If something like that happened, it would certainly be a very troublesome and annoying situation for Naofumi and Nadia.


Naofumi and the team will still register to take part in the next tournament at the Underground Colosseum arena in Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 next few episodes, because he still needs a lot of money to free many half-human race slaves. Nadia might join Naofumi’s party, but she probably won’t fight at the Underground Colosseum again so that she doesn’t become an obstacle for Naofumi.

The next Underground Colosseum arena will feature several opponents that strong enough to overwhelm Naofumi’s team. Illusion magic probably won’t be used anymore, because the Rock Valley team was already famous when they won the previous tournament.

Naofumi will probably get some other dark facts about the enslavement of the half-human race, and while fighting in the Underground Colosseum arena, he might also get some clues about the disappearance of the other 3 cardinal heroes,


And there you have it – my analysis, speculations and predictions of “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3”. I hope this deep dive has given you a fresh perspective on the series. With its compelling narrative and character development, this season will truly be a rollercoaster ride.

Hope you can understand that my analysis, speculations and predictions could be wrong. In that’s the case, I might not update this post, as the right information have already become facts, not speculations and predictions anymore.

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