Review Anime Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon – High Luck in Limitations

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon

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What if you could reincarnate or be reborn after death? Who would you want to be and what abilities would you have? If its me, I would like to be born in a wealthy family, have high magic skills and other special abilities. But what if you were forced to reborn as a Vending Machine that is not a human or a normal creature, how would you cope with that?

This anime has a long English title, but its Japanese title is even longer:
-> Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon (English)
-> Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyuu wo Samayou (Japanese)

This anime review result might change, but it should be final because it has finished airing to episode 12 (end of season 1). But don’t worry, this review does not have many spoilers, although a little bit is okay… maybe… 🙂

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, you won’t be bothered much by reading this anime review (if you decide to watch it after read).

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon

A Brief Summary

From the title (in English), we know exactly that the main character reincarnates as a Vending Machine or Automatic Seller Machine. Because the general understanding of reincarnation is that someone has to die first before being taken to another world where he reincarnates, this also applies in this anime. But what’s unique is, he doesn’t become human, but becomes a Vending Machine. How does he overcome all the limitations and survive?

Initial Story Plot

This anime has a very absurd and funny premise, but more on the weird side, which is someone who dies in an accident and reincarnates as a vending machine in a fantasy isekai world. However, that’s exactly it, this anime offers something fresh and different from other isekai anime. We can see how the protagonist, who is called Boxxo by the adventurers, adapts to his new life as a vending machine.

He has a special ability to hold and dispense items that match his customers’ wishes, as long as they have enough coins. He can also change the items he sells according to the needs. This makes him able to help many people and creatures in the fantasy world.

One of the interesting things of this anime is the interaction between Boxxo and the other characters. Boxxo can’t speak and he can only communicate using the screen and sound of the vending machine (which are very limited). He also has a kind and friendly personality, so he can make friends with many people. This anime shows that even though he is in the form of a machine, he still has a heart and feelings as a human.

Animation and Visual

Nowadays, animation may not be hard to make because it uses advanced technology that produces good results. In terms of animation and visual quality, this anime is quite standard and not outstanding. The images are neat and clean, but not detailed and ordinary. The character design is also simple and standard, but still distinguishable between one character and another. The colors are also bright and match the mood of this anime, which is light and funny. Overall, the animation and visual of this anime can be said to be good enough, but not too special.

Main Character – Boxxo

Let’s call our main character Boxxo, which is the original name of the protagonist there. Well, Boxxo has to adapt to his new life as a vending machine, which can only communicate very limitedly, and has to sell useful items that can be bought with coins by adventurers. He also has to face various situations that threaten his life, such as attacks from monsters that want to destroy him, traps, or even thieves. However, he also makes many friends, fun, and has new experiences in this new world..

That’s why I say Boxxo is very lucky even though he has limitations here and there. Luck in the Isekai world is absolutely necessary, but Boxxo’s luck rate is very high (my assumption) after watching a few early episodes. But it has to be like that, right? If not, he could be smashed when he meets enemies.. #wait, how does he fight the enemies?.. #it’s a secret.. 😛

Music, Sound Effect & Voice Acting

In terms of music and sound effects, this anime is also quite standard and not very impressive. The songs are pleasant to listen to, but not very memorable or catchy. The sound effects are also appropriate and match the scenes, but they don’t add much to the atmosphere or emotion. The voice acting quality is also good, but not outstanding or remarkable. The seiyuus can bring the characters to life well, but only at a sufficient or adequate level. They lack giving a special impression or characteristic to them.

Ecchi Element & Fan Service

For those of you who like ecchi anime, this might not meet your expectations. Because the ecchi element is little. That is very understandably, because this is anime for age rating 13+. Apart from Lammis’s rather minimal clothing with her fairly large breast size, and some scenes (almost not ecchi), including showing Lammis and Shirley (still wearing white towels) before and after take bath in Onsen, there are almost no other ecchi or fan service scenes.

Ssstt, I’ll give you a leak, the onsen scene that is “almost not ecchi” is in Episode 3. Just keep quiet, only we know about this .. #eh ..

Lammis’s clothes like that can be understood too, because she fights using bare hands and muscles, so the clothes have to adjust, so she can move freely. So, score of 3 out of 10 for the number of appearances of scenes or ecchi scenes and fan service appearances in this anime.

Oh I almost forgot, there is a kiss scene in the later episode, and shy red face of Lam.. hhmmnn.. you better watch the anime okay, I won’t leak more spoiler about this.. 😀

Interesting Things:

The interesting thing about this anime is its unique and intriguing story concept, as well as its funny and entertaining comedy scenes. This anime can make us laugh and smile when we see the weird and hilarious situations that the vending machine experiences. This anime can also make us curious about the fantasy world over there, and the mysteries surrounding it.

The other interresting thing is, its very strange and absurd story concept, which is reincarnating as a vending machine, makes it a unique attraction for us to watch it, because we are curious too, how far and how long Boxxo can survive.

And also, there are still some beautiful and attractive waifus like Lammis and Shirley.


This anime has a shallow and little dull story. Even though this anime has a unique premise, the story feels flat and not that interesting. There is no conflict or clear goal for the characters, just everyday adventures without a main purpose (until the last episode). Then, this anime has many characters that are not much different and not memorable. Except for Boxxo, Lammis, Hulemy and Shui, the other characters feel bland and stereotypical. They do not have a strong background or motivation, just friends or customers of Boxxo.

The lack of serious plot or thrilling conflict also adds to the shortcomings. Because, maybe the story is light and easy to digest, so there is no serious things that triggers emotions.

This anime may also be too light for some people who are looking for isekai anime with a more complex and deep story.

This Anime Is Suitable For…

If you like absurd and funny things, this anime offers a new experience in watching isekai anime with a different protagonist than usual. It’s worth watching if you like comedy and adventure anime that are light and entertaining. This anime is also recommended for those who like the concept of reincarnating in a fantasy isekai world, or those who like (buying something via) a vending machine.

However, if you are looking for an anime with good animation, exciting story, or interesting characters, then you might be a little disappointed with this anime.


Anime Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon is a fantasy comedy anime that tells the story of a man who reincarnates as a vending machine in a fantasy world. This anime has a unique and non usual story, have some hilarious and entertaining humor, some beautiful waifu characters, and many positive and inspirational messages. This anime is suitable for watching as a light and fun entertainment.

Review Result

This is my review result of the anime Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon, with a total score of 6.5. I was going to give it a 6, but I added 0.5 because of Lammis and Shirley, who are beautiful, sexy and attractive. This light-hearted anime can still be enjoyed by waifu lovers with the presence of Lammis and Shirley.

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