Dr. STONE Characters: 5 Cool Wise Generals – Senku, Chrome, Asagiri, Ukyo and Ryusui

Dr. STONE Characters: 5 Wise Generals – Senku, Chrome, Asagiri, Ukyo and Ryusui

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Dr. STONE is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of Senku Ishigami, a young genius who wants to revive humanity after a mysterious event turned everyone into stone. Along the way, he meets various allies and enemies who share his vision or oppose it.

Dr. STONE Characters 5 Wise Generals - Senku, Chrome, Asagiri, Ukyou, Ryusui

Among Dr. STONE Characters, there are five cool characters who stand out as the wise generals of the Kingdom of Science: Senku Ishigami, Chrome, Asagiri Gen, Ukyo Saionji and Ryusui Nanami.

These five characters have different backgrounds, personalities and skills, but they all share a common trait: they are smart, resourceful and strategic. They use their intelligence to overcome challenges, invent new technologies and devise plans to defeat their enemies.

In this post, we will explore each of these Wise Generals of Dr. STONE Characters in detail and see some exampes how they contribute to the story of the anime.

1. Senku Ishigami

Senku Ishigami is the protagonist of Dr. STONE. He is a prodigy who has a passion for science and a dream of reviving civilization. He was the first person among Dr. STONE Characters to break free from the petrification by “accidental” dropped of bat’s nitric acid. He founded the Kingdom of Science and became its leader.

Dr. STONE Characters: Senku Ishigami

Senku Ishigami is a brilliant and optimistic character who has a vast knowledge of science and technology. He can create various inventions and innovations using the limited resources available in the stone world. He uses his scientific skills to solve problems, improve lives and advance humanity. He also uses his logical and analytical mind to plan ahead, anticipate outcomes and outsmart his enemies.

One example of Senku Ishigami’s genius is when he created the depetrification fluid, a substance that can restore people from their stone state. He discovered the formula by experimenting with different chemicals (including fluid from bat excrement as the main ingredient that can make him break free from petrification) and testing them on petrified birds.

Another example is when he created the cellphone, a device that can communicate wirelessly using radio waves. He made the cellphone by gathering and processing various materials such as iron, copper, gold, sulfur and quartz.

2. Chrome

Chrome is a self-taught scientist who lives in Ishigami Village, a primitive community that was founded by Senku’s father. He was one of the first people who befriended Senku and joined his cause. He became Senku’s apprentice and partner in science.

Dr. STONE Characters: Chrome

Chrome is a curious and enthusiastic character who has a natural talent for science and exploration. He can collect and identify various minerals and plants that have useful properties. He uses his scientific skills to help Senku (along with Kaseki) to create tools, weapons and medicines that benefit his village. He also uses his adventurous spirit to discover new places and learn new things.

One example of Chrome’s creativity is when he made the water wheel, a device that can generate electricity and some automations using water power. He designed and built the water wheel by using wood, rope and metal. Another example is when he made the telescope, a device that can magnify distant objects using lenses. He made the telescope by using bamboo, glass and water.

3. Asagiri Gen

Asagiri Gen is a mentalist, a performer who uses psychological tricks to manipulate people’s minds. He was one of the few people who survived the petrification by hiding in a bunker. He was initially hired by Tsukasa Shishio, the leader of the Empire of Might, to spy on Senku and his friends.

However, he was impressed by Senku’s scientific achievements and finally decided to fully switch sides to Kingdom of Science after he found out that Senku can really made a cold cola drink with soda water for him.

Dr. STONE Characters: Asagiri Gen

Asagiri Gen is a cunning and charismatic character who can deceive, persuade and influence others with his words and actions. He often acts as a mediator between Senku and other people who are skeptical or hostile towards science. He also uses his mentalist skills to create diversions, spread misinformation and trick his enemies.

One example of Asagiri Gen’s cleverness is when he pretended to be loyal to Tsukasa and reported that Senku was dead. This was a lie that he came up with on the spot to protect Senku and his friends from Tsukasa’s attack.

Another example is when he used his knowledge of psychology to convince Moz, the Ibara’s strongest warrior in Treasure Island, to join the Kingdom of Science. He exploited Moz’s ego and ambition by telling him that he could become the ruler of the island (after getting rid of Ibara), including having his own harem of women if he allied with Senku.

4. Ukyo Saionji

Ukyo Saionji is a former sonar operator of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. He was revived by Tsukasa (with a depetrification fluid recipe from Senku) from petrification as one of his elite warriors in the Empire of Might.

Ukyo Saionji is a calm and kind character who values life and peace. Because of it, he has a strong sense of morality and justice, and therefor did not agree with Tsukasa’s methods of killing old people who were still petrified.

He secretly helped some of Senku’s allies (who burried the cellphone for Taiju & Yuzuriha) escape from Tsukasa’s camp. He offered to join the Kingdom of Science on the condition that no one would be killed in their conflict with Tsukasa. Senku agreed to his terms and welcomed him as one of his powerful allies.

Dr. STONE Characters: Ukyou Saionji

Ukyo Saionji has a remarkable sense of hearing that allows him to detect sounds from far away. Among Dr. STONE characters, he has the sharpest hearing, which can hear and distinguish many sounds from long distances, and can also pinpoint their locations.

He uses his hearing skills to scout the terrain, locate resources and track enemies. He also uses his military experience to advise Senku on tactics and strategy.

One example of Ukyo Saionji’s helpfulness is when he secretly helped Senku and his friends by providing them with information about Tsukasa’s army and warning them of danger using his hearing ability, while still pretending as an elite warrior of Tsukasa.

Another example is when Senku asked Ukyo and some other people to help him create a New World Map and to find various resources for food, fields and fuel. With his very sharp hearing dan sensitivity abilities, he is very helpful in completing this task quickly. Without him, it would be difficult tasks, considering that there are many unexplored areas with unknown dangers.

5. Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui Nanami is a billionaire entrepreneur and the heir to the Nanami Conglomerate, a big company that deals with various businesses such as aviation, shipping and mining. He was one of the people who were revived by Senku using the depetrification fluid. He became one of Senku’s allies after being impressed by his scientific vision.

Dr. STONE Characters: Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui Nanami is a confident and ambitious character who loves adventure and challenge. He has a keen eye for business and opportunity that allows him to spot potential resources and markets. He uses his wealth and influence to fund Senku’s projects, recruit new members and negotiate with other parties. He also uses his skills as a pilot and a sailor to transport Senku and his friends across the world.

One example of Ryusui Nanami’s contribution is when he made money system as a legal medium of exchange to help gather more people and spirit to accelerate the construction of the Perseus, a large ship that serves as the main vehicle of the Kingdom of Science. He also made the first market to buy and sell items and clothes, using the money system he made.

Another example is when he demonstrated his leadership skills as the Captain of the Perseus, the ship that bring Senku and friends sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the South, the other side of the Earth, where the source of the petrification was located. He navigated Perseus through storms and waves with his skill and courage.


These are Dr. STONE Characters 5 Wise Generals of the Kingdom of Science: Senku Ishigami, Chrome, Asagiri Gen, Ukyo Saionji and Ryusui Nanami.

Dr. STONE Characters: 5 Wise Generals

They are all remarkable characters who have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they all share a common goal: to restore humanity and civilization with science. They are the driving force behind the success of Senku’s missions and the main protagonists of Dr. STONE anime.

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