Anime Maou-sama Retry! Fans Rejoice as Season 2 Production Begins

The manga Maou-sama, Retry! is getting an anime adaptation for its sequel or second season, according to Kurone Kanzaki tweet. This is great news for the fans of the action-packed and humorous isekai manga.

Manga Maou-sama, Retry! tells the story of an ordinary man who works as a developer in a game company, then gets trapped in a fantasy isekai world as the character he usually plays, but in the end the people there call him by the nickname of the demon king. He meets various interesting characters and faces various challenges in the new world.

Maou-sama Retry! anime sequel

History of Maou-sama Retry!

The light novel series of Maou-sama, Retry! by Kurone Kanzaki, with illustrations by Makoto Iino, was first published in 2017 by Futabasha. The series has 12 volumes so far. A manga adaptation of the light novel was also released in the same year. In 2019, the series was adapted into an anime with 12 episodes. The anime was produced by EKACHI EPILKA and directed by Hiroshi Kimura.

The anime Maou-sama, Retry! has received positive feedback from the viewers. It features exciting battle scenes, funny humor, and charismatic characters. One of the attractions of this anime is the interaction between the powerful demon king and the girls he meets in the fantasy world. The anime also has good music, especially the opening and ending songs.

The Author of Maou-sama Retry! Apologized

The light novel author of “Maou-sama, Retry!” Kurone Kanzaki apologized on Twitter for the delay in finishing the next chapters of his work. He did not reveal any details about the release date or the production staff of the anime sequel. However, he thanked the fans for their continued support and hoped they would enjoy and look forward to the anime.

Fans of the manga “Maou-sama, Retry!” hope that the anime sequel will continue the story from the manga and light novel. They also hope that the animation, music, and voice quality will be as good as the first season. They want to see more action and comedy from the demon king and his girls.

This is a trailer of the anime Maou-sama Retry! season 1, which aired in 2019. If you have not watched it yet, check it out.

One of the worthwhile isekai manga to follow is “Maou-sama Retry!”. This manga has an interesting story, unique characters (especially Aku, a cute, innocent and somewhat clumsy girl) and a good drawing style. This manga also has an anime adaptation that is as exciting as the manga. And now, the manga will have an anime adaptation for its sequel or season 2. This is a good opportunity to watch or catch up on this anime if you haven’t done so. You won’t be disappointed with the manga and anime “Maou-sama, Retry!”.

(Source: AnimeNewsNetwork)

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